SPATIAL is almost here!


(If you have any issues locating your tickets, please email our Customer Experience Team.)


Why is my email locked?

We lock the email for tickets where the buyer = the attendee's email. This normally means that the ticket was purchased for the buyer's use. If you have multiple tickets with locked emails and need to update the information for a new attendee, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team! We'll be happy to help :)

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What are the requirements for 1 Million XYO Token benefit eligibility?

  1. A single paid SPATIAL ticket may be eligible for 1 Million XYO Tokens. Attendees with a ticket purchased on their behalf, must check-in and attend the event to maintain eligibility.
  2. If you purchased multiple tickets for yourself, please contact us so we may refund the additional tickets that are NOT eligible for the 1 Million XYO Tokens. (However, if you want to bring a friend, feel free to put their name on the extra ticket. They’ll just need to check-in and attend if you want that ticket to still be eligible for the XYO Tokens.)
  3. You will need to confirm your eligibility to receive XYO tokens by carefully reviewing all of the terms, conditions, obligations and requirements contained in an emailed Token Purchase Agreement. In addition to other eligibility requirements, your agreement to these terms is required in order to be eligible to receive any XYO tokens.
  4. You will need to send us a wallet address where we can send your XYO Tokens. You will be able to do this in the email with the Token Purchase Agreement, or at the event with help from our staff!
  5. IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU MUST USE AN ERC-20 COMPATIBLE WALLET. COINBASE AND EXCHANGE WALLETS WILL NOT WORK! Don't worry, we'll have our AWESOME staff on hand at the event to help you out! One of our partners, Portis, will also be there to help out, but you can also make a wallet with Portis now!

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What are the steps required to make sure I meet all requirements for eligibility?

  1. You have paid for a SPATIAL Ticket
  2. Carefully review all of the terms, conditions, obligations and requirements contained in the Token Purchase Agreement attached to email sent to buyer of SPATIAL ticket. Read the terms and conditions here.
  3. Attend event (each attendee under your name will need to check-in and attend to maintain eligibility).

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Questions about VIP Sunday Event?

What is the Sunday VIP Event?

The VIP Spatial Event is a chance for our VIP Ticket holders to meet the team, ask their burning XYO Network questions, and learn more about what the team will be working on next. There will be two time slots on Sunday, and you need to choose whether you would like to attend the morning or afternoon time slot. THIS IS TIME SENSITIVE! If a time slot fills up before you RSVP, you will have to attend the alternate time slot. Make sure to choose quickly for your ticket and any additional tickets purchased under your name.

If you do not wish to attend the event, or will not be able to be there, no problem! Just mark yourself as "Not attending".

Event Details:

November 11th, 2018
XYO Network HQ
1133 Columbia St
San Diego, CA 92101
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Questions about SPATIAL Blowout Party?

What is the SPATIAL Blowout Party?

The SPATIAL Blowout Party, also known as "Spaced Out" will be held on Saturday of SPATIAL! Your Spatial ticket gets you into our blowout party at PARQ, so just a reminder: if you bought a Blowout ticket IN ADDITION to your SPATIAL ticket, just reach out to our Customer Experience Team to get a refund! If you want to bring a friend to come party with us (and Dennis Rodman) at PARQ, let the Customer Experience Team know, and they'll be able to help you purchase a PARQ-only ticket!

Event Details:

November 10th, 2018
PARQ Nightclub
615 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101
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What to expect on registration day:

What to bring:

  1. A form of government-issued ID
  2. All attendees under your name!
  3. Some coconut water for Scott! ;)

When to go:

November 9th, 2018
Registration Starts: 8AM-10AM

Where to go:

Intercontinental Hotel
901 Bayfront Ct
San Diego, CA 92101